Naturopathy Consultations

We offer consultations in-clinic & via skype

Initial Consultation

In-Clinic or Online (Zoom)

When booking a Naturopathic consultation your first appointment is an Initial consultation. This is where a thorough health history is taken so that the Naturopath can understand your health in as much detail as possible.

To ensure the most from your consultation, a Pre-Consult questionnaire is emailed to you. This form includes the reason for making the booking and any prescription medications, supplements and herbal preparations you are currently taking. This form is emailed back to Casuarina Holistic Health at least 24 hours prior to your first meeting with Julie.

At your initial consultation questions are asked regarding your diet and lifestyle, plus past and present health history. Questions can focus on different bodily systems such as: digestive health, nervous system, immune health, skin health, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular health, respiratory system, endocrine and reproductive system if relevant.

The Naturopath may even ask to look at your nails, tongue and irises to gather further information. An individualised treatment plan is then formulated that can include any of the following:


  • Herbal medicine

  • Nutritional supplementation

  • Dietary and lifestyle changes

  • Australian Bush Flower essences

Adult: $95 (allow 60 min)
Children (Primary School age): $69 (allow 30-45min)

Follow-up Consultation

The next consultation is scheduled 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation. At this consultation, the Naturopath will review your progress, recommend any changes to your treatment plan and order any relevant tests if necessary.

Depending on the reason for making the initial consultation, further consultation may be necessary over a short period to achieve your health goals. Once your health is improving and your condition has stabilised appointments are less frequent and can be scheduled as required.

Fee - $55

Iridology Report Consultation

Iridology is the study of health via an examination of the colour and structure of the iris, as well as the sclera and pupil.

These can be scheduled without the need for a Naturopathic consultation.

A photograph is taken of both eyes using a specifically designed iridology camera. This appointment will take about 30 minutes to have your iphotos taken and a brief description given.

A week later, you will receive a detailed report that is yours to keep stating your specific iridology constitution, any recommendations relating to specific areas plus diet and lifestyle recommendations relevant to your eyes. I will go through the report with you at this appointment and answer any questions. This appointment is approximately 30 minutes.

Iridologists look at colour and fibre structure to determine the constitutional strengths of the physical body, as well as aspects of your personality.  Iridology does not diagnose diseases, rather it is a screening tool to detect inherited strengths and weaknesses. It is used to determine specific predispositions, to prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness.

Iridology is suitable for all ages. I have taken many photos of children’s eyes of Primary School age and upwards.

Fee: $95

Weight Management Program

In-Clinic or Online (Zoom)

Do you feel that you have gained weight, lack energy or not feeling your best?

Confused by the different products and weight loss systems on the market.


The Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program (Shake It) is an easy to follow weight loss program that has been proven to be both safe and effective.

This program incorporates a healthy and satisfying meals, combined with moderate exercise to support weight loss. 

6-week personalised program includes:

  • Initial and 4 follow up consults

  • Recipe Book

  • High protein, low carb Shake - 20 serves

  • 10 Keto Bars

  • 6 week meal plans

  • Practitioner support

 $349 per person)

(check with your health fund for a rebate on the 'Shake it' program)

"Julie has been amazing , we have received wonderful support and information on our weight loss journey ! Highly recommend Julie to help you achieve your goals and learn more about healthy eating , very easy to follow plan !" 


"I recently completed the ‘Shake It’ program. It was an amazing, easy to follow program including a weekly consultation with Julie. 

The weekly consultation really helped highlight patterns I needed help with changing and Julie was great at showing me how. 

I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting help and guidance with getting their health on track. "