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A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Losing weight isn’t just calories in, energy out. There is so much more involved.

Protein for Breakfast

Protein helps keep you feeing full until lunch, balances blood sugar levels and helps build muscle.

Try starting your day with Cheesy Scrambled Eggs (recipe is at the end of the blog).

Or if you're not that hungry, a Protein shake with some mixed berries.

Weight management begins in the gut

The bacteria in our gut not only plays an important role in digestion but research indicates that our microbiome can influence our ability to loose weight.

Eating more fibre

Consuming more fibre, in particular pre biotic fibre can help restore the balance of the microbiome.

Prebiotics are the food for the good bacteria. Without the 'fuel' of prebiotics, probiotics would starve.

To include more fibre, eat a wholefood diet as close to Nature as possible, with lots of fresh vegetables, salad and fruit. Swap refined carbohydrates for complex carbohydrates such as browns rice, wholegrain pasta and bread. Try including more beans, legumes and peas as these are rich in fibre.

Move more

Exercise is so important for weight loss. It improves glucose uptake into the cells, builds muscle and makes you feel good. As we age, we loose muscle. Strength training is great to help build muscle. This can be done in the Gym or at home with lunges, squats, planks and resistant bands.

Combine with some aerobic exercise such as brisk walking or cycling.

Stress Less

Stress whether physical, mental or emotional can increase cortisol. This in turn triggers an increased production and release of insulin. When blood glucose levels fall, the body’s demand for energy dense and carbohydrate foods increase.

If stress is a part of your life, try incorporating some breathing exercise, meditation or yoga / palates.

These will help trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (your rest and digest).

Priories sleep

Have you noticed when you have a bad night’s sleep, you crave all the wrong foods such as refined carbohydrates and sugar? Spend some time in the evenings to wind down before going to bed. Have a warm bath with lavender oil or read a book. Avoid looking at screens at least 30 minutes before bed.

Cheesy scrambles Eggs (serves one)

  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil

  • 3 handfuls of mixed shallots, mushrooms, spinach finely chopped

  • 2 free range eggs

  • 40g hard cheese grated

  • 2 Tbsp. your choice of milk

  • black pepper and sea salt to taste

Heat oil in a small frypan. Gently sauté shallots, mushrooms and spinach.

Beat eggs, milk and cheese together. then pouf into the hot pan.

Stir eggs every so often until scrambled.

Season and serve.

If you would like to know more about 'The Shake It' Weight Management program please get in contact.

Have a great day

Jules x


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